Nasal spray Antiqua mare MAX

Nasal spray Antiqua mare MAX (hypertonic solution) is a natural safe remedy for nasal congestion. It is used in order to restore nasal breathing. The spray dilutes and removes mucus from nasal cavities, mechanically cleansing their surface from bacteria and viruses. The hypertonic form of the solution has a soothing and decongesting effect on the mucous membrane, which allows to achieve free breathing without using vasoconstrictor agents.


► runny nose and nasal congestion with ARVI, flu, allergies
► acute and chronic inflammation of the nasal cavities, sinuses and nasopharynx
► allergic, vasomotor, hypertrophic rhinitis, haimorotis, frontitis.
APPLICATION: Place the spray in the nasal cavity and lightly press on it. It is recommended to repeat this procedure 3 times a day spraying into each nostril 1-3 times (more often is allowed).
INCI: aqua, natural magnesium chloride
AMOUNT: 50ml