Poltava Bischofite

natural magnesium for your health

Genetic key towards health

Magnesium is known to be one of the most essential elements as it regulates the activity of more than 325 enzymes in the human organism. Nowadays, two thirds of the citizens who are living in the developed world, known to receive less than a minimal amount of magnesium through its primary source – food. The reason behind it are consumer technologies that have used up most of the vital minerals from nutritious soils, and thus created a production of cheap and low-quality food products. Sadly, we can't change the assortment of products in your local shop. However, we can help your organism to function properly again, by proposing our signature products which components are based on unique mineral, that was left untouched on the depth of 2,5 kilometers during 250 million years, – Poltava's Bischofite, the natural source of magnesium.
What is bischofite
Poltava's Bischofite – is a natural crystalline polymineral of the Permian period. Due to deposit's great depth, it was safely protected over 200 million years by a natural barrier which was separating it from any forms of toxins or harmful impurities. Bicshofite is also known as a Salt of the Dead Sea, though it's composition purer and richer. Due to its chemical formula (MgCl2 • 6H2O), Bischofite can be easily dissolved in water, becoming a clear liquid, with oily consistency, yellowish in color, and odorless. The main component of Bischofite is magnesium chloride (95-96%). Bischofite also contains calcium sulfate, calcium chloride, calcium hydrogen carbonate, sodium chloride (with a total content of minerals 400-450 g/l), sodium, iodine, iron, bromide, silicon dioxide, molybdenum, titanium, lithium, and traces of almost all chemical elements of the periodic table. Even though, Poltava's bischofite may be used in many industrial sectors, its high magnesium content allows Bischofite to be used in heath related areas such as: food industry (as an additive to food products, known as E-511 – neutral thickener), cosmetology, pharmacology and medicine.
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